Play the role of Knuckles, or choose Knuckles to defeat Knuckles in this Knuckles overload game - Knuckles, Knuckles & Knuckles!

Knuckles, Knuckles & Knuckles is a wonderful and funny ROM hack of Sonic 3 & Knuckles created for April Fools hack of 2016. Released for the SEGA Genesis gaming system, this hack replaces the sprites of Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and a lot of other monsters to Knuckles. The game is actually quite confusing and funny at the same time. The sprites are not the only one that was replaced as audio sounds were also replaced with Knuckle audio! Prepare to hear a lot of gogogogo, heyheyheyhey, and more!

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Emulator Controls

= Directions

Z = A   X = B   C = C

A = X   S = Y   D = Z

 enter ↵  = Start

  space   = Mode

How to Save Game

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