Pokemon Cloud White is a ROM hack that was based on the original Pokemon Fire Red. This hack alters almost everything about the game and features many new things such as new scenarios, and entire new region to play on, new rivals, and more.

The game features:

  • Mega Evolutions & Mega gems
  • More than 540 Pokemons from gen 1 to 6
  • National dex
  • Physical/Special/Status Split
  • New moves and abilities
  • BW Repel System
  • Exp Catch System
  • New Scenarios (after Original Kanto&Sevii Scenario)
  • New Regions
  • New Rivals
  • New evil Teams
  • Poison outside battle leaves 1 hp
  • Run indoor
  • Decapitalization
  • New Battle Backgrounds
  • Increase difficulty
  • Day and night + Weather
  • Pokemon World Tournament
  • The Kolloseum
  • A ton of Anecdotes and famous quotes
  • All the Pokemon are catchable
  • and much much more

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Emulator Controls

= Directions

Z = A   X = B

A = L   S = R

 enter ↵  = Start

 ← backspace  = Select

How to Save Game

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Pokemon Cloud White is an online GBA game that you can play at Emulator Online. This free Game Boy Advance game is the United States of America region version for the USA. Pokemon Cloud White is a single title from the many strategy games, rpg games and pokemon games offered for this console. If you enjoyed playing this, then you can find similar games in the gba games category. Pokemon Cloud White game is from the various retro games on the site, and there are more games like this, including Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Cloud White 3 and Pokemon White Version.